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Effective Strategies for Students with Learning and Behavior Problems

Major Contributors

Dr. Gwendolyn Cartledge and Porsha Robinson-Ervin
Ohio State University
Dr. Karen Evans
University of West Florida
Dr. William Evans and Rigoberto M. Hernandez
University of West Florida
Dr. Robert A. Gable
Old Dominion University
Drs. Michael P. George and Lauren A. Arbolino
Lehigh University
Dr. Lee Kern and Jennifer K. Parks
Lehigh University
Dr. Mary Margaret Kerr, Jennifer Crandall, and Sielke Caparelli
University of Pittsburgh
Drs. Sarup Mathur and Katie Sprouls
Arizona State University
Thomas Monaghan
Old Dominion University
Dr. Mike Monfore, Laura Keeple, Eva Smith, Alyssa Williams, and David Hewitt
Slippery Rock University
Dr. Kristy Lee Park
George Mason University
Dr. Sheldon L. Loman
Portland State University
Dr. Terrance M. Scott
University of Louisville
Dr. Naomi Schonefeld
Rivier University
Dr. Stephen Tonelson
Old Dominion University
Dr. Rick Van Acker
University of Illinois at Chicago
Dr. Silvana Watson
Old Dominion University